Measuring Your Digital Marketing Campaign Performance with Meaningful Metrics

For any competent digital marketers, success can be evaluated in many different means. Online marketing performance is assessed by key performance indicators (KPIs).

However, not every KPI is valuable. With many to pick from, it’s most ideal to focus on the numbers that in fact and straightly affect the growth of your firm. When we talk about an SEO project, you will need to evaluate organic search growth and search engine ranking positions.

The numbers that truly matter are the ones that reveal a strength or weak point you can develop upon or address to position your organisation closer to its goals. Contrary to good-looking metrics, meaningful metrics give actionable insights – the info you really need to adjust your marketing techniques in real-time and effectively progress as an organization.

The only KPIs truly worth having are the ones with meaning. In this blog, Terence Lim from JinMatic SEO agency will share a number of meaningful KPIs:

Organic traffic growth

It describes the boost or reduction of traffic from online search engine just like Google. As stated by Terence Lim, JinMatic SEO Provider in Malaysia, this metric is fundamental for any SEO professionals in determining the Search Engine Optimization campaign result. Given that SEO is a long-term digital marketing approach, Terence advises SEO professionals to check out at least a period of six months when looking at organic search growth.

Click-through rates (CTR)

More telling than an e-mail open rate, click-through rates quantify how many people clicked on a CTA button or other web link within an e-mail. This is typically an email’s total number of clicks divided by its overall number of opens. CTR in customers are usually higher than CTR in prospects.

Bounce rates

This metric helps advise you whether users are substantively connecting with your web content or simply passing by. It works with the percentage of website visitors who arrive and after that leave rather before browsing other webpages. A high bounce rate (over 60%) is among the most familiar conversion killers. Presenting consistent, customer-centric web content using optimized images, interactive videos and very clear calls to action can really help improve this metric.

Landing page conversion rates

Whether or not your site has 1 landing page or dozens, you want to know how well each is accomplishing. Your landing page conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take the desired action – whether that’s downloading a guide, registering or booking a demo. To boost your conversion rates, make sure the user experience on these pages is easy, the call to action (CTA) is clear-cut and what you’re delivering is convincing.

Search engine ranking positions

A familiar KPI in SEO solution in Malaysia. Also known as keyword rankings or Search Engine Results Pages, it helps SEO professionals to immediately monitor their SEO performance. Despite the fact that it is never as meaningful as in the past, yet keyword ranking positions help SEO experts to know if they are on the right direction.

Return on investment (ROI):

Needless to say, ROI is your bottom line when it pertains to evaluating a marketing effort. Everything needs to come back to what the real return is for the hours and dollars you put into it. However successful a campaign may seem according to any other procedure, it requires to be liable to the income it’s responsible for creating through effective conversions.

You can only improve what you can measure

Converting leads is a science. Currently, you can effectively track and evaluate your KPI with analytical tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Being one of the best SEO companies in Malaysia, our SEO team really want all SEO projects to be successful, to be effective and to have a high ROI. The method to ensure that they do is to make certain that we are valuing the correct KPIs of success.

Author Bio:

Terence Lim is an SEO Specialist in Malaysia, running the day to day SEO campaigns for clients across different industries. Terence writes about SEO case studies, analytics tools and digital marketing tips in JinMatic. With more than 12 years of marketing experience, he has held both MOZ Advanced SEO certification and Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

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