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Learn about some of the forums I like or dislike

Best Amazon Seller Forum

If you’re looking for an amazon seller forum you’re in luck. Flowster’s Amazon Sellers Forum is a great place to ask questions and get help from other Amazon sellers. You can discuss everything from product sourcing, to SaaS applications, to pricing management, customer support, return handling, and even human resources. Check it out! It’s free too.

Traffic Drill – Social Bookmarking Community

This is a pay membership forum that I’ve been using for a few weeks now.  When I signed up it was $14.95/month, but I’m not sure what they’re charging now.  They guys who run the forum are the Rhodes Brothers, and they sure seem to know their stuff when it comes to internet marketing.  Plus they offer a no-questions-asked money-back…

WarriorForum – if you haven’t already, sign up now!

This forum was recommended to me by my friend Trent, who actually introduced me to the world of internet marketing.  It was the first IM forum I registered for, and I’m damn glad I did. There’s sooo much information in the WarriorForum comunity that it’ll make you sick.  That’s not hard to believe since they’ve been around since 1997.  Old…