Welcome to the sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, and occasionally informative blog about my adventures with internet marketing.

My name’s Kane.

Move from Calgary to San Diego

On my way from Calgary to San Diego

I’m a computer nerd who in early 2009 had what I’m referring to as my quarter life crisis, quit my job, threw everything into my ’97 Ford Escort Wagon, and drove all the way from frigid Calgary, Alberta, Canada to sunny San Diego, California.  I even had to spend two nights in my car because all my worldly possessions were crammed inside and tied to the roof.

Once I arrived and found a place to live, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I went for lunch with a friend in order to get some ideas, and he told me about this crazy concept known as internet marketing.  Almost immediately I knew it was meant for me.

Chilling in the Philippines

Chilling in the Philippines

And I must say, so far it’s been awesome.  I love waking up whenever I want, not wearing pants at my desk (I’d always get in trouble for that at my last job), and basically being entirely in control of my life.  The fact that 100% of my effort is going towards my own ideas and goals, is just an added bonus.

I’m fortunate enough to now be able to spend a lot of time traveling, living where I want to live, and working when I want to work.

Since moving to San Diego I’ve probably spent half my time out of the country.  Most recently my love of snowboarding prompted me to move to beautiful Lake Tahoe so I could live close to a ski resort (not to mention the crazy-amazing summers with great hiking, mountain biking, and of course the lake).

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

This site is a collection of my random thoughts and rants, including what’s worked for me, and what I’ve wasted many hours on with no results.  Feel free to track my progress, maybe pick up a few tips along the way, and undoubtedly have a few laughs at my expense.