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My notes on analyzing how well my sites are doing in Search Engines

The best Google position checker – Traffic Travis

If you’re like me and obsess over how your sites are ranking with the search engines, you’ve likely been looking for a tool that’s fast, user-friendly, and reliable. You may have tried some of the various FireFox plugins that are slow, buggy, and not good at tracking historical ranking changes.   Or perhaps you’ve tried one of the many websites…

The difference in traffic for page 1 Google positions

A friend of mine was recently wondering, “What’s the difference between being ranked #1 and #2 on Google?” He guessed that it wouldn’t be very much, maybe like 10% max. Well, surprisingly it’s much higher than that! While I haven’t seen any data from Google for the click-through rate averages for each position, there’s data floating around from AOL that could…

Google Position Tool

There’s a bunch of different ones out there but I prefer this one because it’s FREE and searches multiple phrases simultaneously: Ventio – Google Position Tool It tells you what search result # your site is with Google for specific phrases. Saves time by not having to manually check to see if your site’s Google-love is improving. 😉