Author: Internet Marketing Fun Staff

How Market Development Strategies Can Work For Your Brand Development

Marketing Development Strategy is a term that is often used interchangeably with Brand Development Strategy. They are two separate yet interconnected concepts. One of the primary purposes for a marketing plan is to establish or identify your target audience and the type of marketing activities you plan to engage in to reach this audience. Once you have determined who your…

Measuring Your Digital Marketing Campaign Performance with Meaningful Metrics

For any competent digital marketers, success can be evaluated in many different means. Online marketing performance is assessed by key performance indicators (KPIs). However, not every KPI is valuable. With many to pick from, it’s most ideal to focus on the numbers that in fact and straightly affect the growth of your firm. When we talk about an SEO project,…

New Program from Successful Entrepreneur Opens Door to Financial Independence Through Shopify

As the global shift towards self-employment continues, the modern workforce is experiencing an unprecedented surge in online business ownership. And it isn’t any wonder – business owners and entrepreneurs report record levels of fulfillment, satisfaction, and overall happiness in their day-to-day lives compared to traditional employees.