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How Negative SEO Works

What Is Negative SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that involves increasing a website’s traffic by means of improving its placement on search engines. It goes without saying that there exists an opposite concept, a method to undermine a particular website’s traffic. Referred to as “negative SEO,” the process involves a set of techniques used to affect a…

HTTPS is now being used by Google for ranking

This is huge news.  Google has finally realized that sites that are more secure should rank higher than sites that aren’t.  And installing an SSL certificate is one way to make your site more secure. So, if you were humming and hawing about whether or not you needed an SSL cert, hopefully this pushes you in the right direction. You can…

Bing Connected Pages – you can now claim all your social pages Bing has just added a great tool to Bing Webmaster Tools.  With “Connected Pages” you can now link up your site with all your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, etc).  This way you can see statistics from Bing traffic related to not only your own website, but all your social pages too.  Pretty cool, eh?