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My favorite new VPS host

Considering that I’ve been building websites for about 20 years, it’s probably not surprising that I’ve used MANY different hosts.  If I had to guesstimate, I’d say the total is somewhere around 50.  And depending on the type of site, the importance of its uptime, how resource-intensive it is, I’ve used everything from shared hosts, to VPSs, to dedicated servers, and of…

The BEST domain name generator

Well, at least the best one that I’ve found so far…haha. Why? Let me list the reasons… It’s FREE It’s got a name generator > Creates pronounceable names using language rules and parameters It’s got themes >Combines your keywords with preset wordlists It’s got a spinner > Combines various methods of search It’s got a dictionary > Looks for word…

Netfirms vs. GoDaddy (domain registrar)

I’ve been using Netfirms as a domain registrar now for a couple years.  So far so good!  They’re cheap ($6.99 / year!) and the site is easy-to-use. Well, actually…my only complaint is that I wish they would allow registration of .US extensions.  I’m not entirely sure but I’m guessing it’s because they’re based out of the UK and registrars must…