3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Google Ad Campaign

When you setup your Google Adwords account, one of your biggest focus areas will be to get the best value for each dollar you spend. In simpler words, you will be looking to get the maximum number of clicks to your ad with the least amount of spending. However, this is not as easy as one thinks. Your Adwords budget can literally be depleted in a single day if you are not careful about how it is set up. To help you get the most out of your Adwords campaign, we list out three tips.

Optimize The Headline

The headline of your ad must generate interest and curiosity. Only then will the users be tempted to click them. And to prepare a good headline, you must focus on three areas – questioning, statistics, and overcoming objections. Firstly, try to make the headline a question. So, instead of ‘Find Out The Secret To Good Hair’, make the headline something like ‘Do You Know This Secret To Good Hair”. Secondly, use specific statistical numbers in the headline. So, instead of ‘Many People Benefit From This Program’, use ‘2356 People Have Benefitted From This Program’. And thirdly, overcome any specific objections that you think a user might have when seeing an ad. For example, when creating an ad for a car, you might title it as ‘Get To Know The Best Car Of 2017’. Now, a user may think that the best car you are referring to might be expensive, thereby deciding not to check out the ad. So, modify the headline to ‘Get To Know The Best Car Of 2017 – Only $100 Per Month Installment’ or something similar.

Use Ad Previews

When you prepare an ad in your Adwords console, it will look different than what will be presented to the end user. As such, it is always a good idea to get to know how the ad will look from the viewpoint of the end user so that you can change it and make it look better. For example, the end user might only see the truncated copy of the ad. And if that is the case, you may have to reshuffle the words to get the message across to the user even on the truncated ad. So, remember to check the ‘Ad Preview and Diagnosis’ option from the ‘Tools’ menu option before you finalize the ad and start the campaign.

In Market Audiences

Remember to use the In-Market Audiences option when setting up your ad campaigns.  What the option allows you to do is to target customers based on their interest for a topic. For example, suppose that you are selling smartwatches. Using the In-Market Audiences option, you might find that many people are searching for ‘best smartwatches 2017’. You can then cross reference the conversion rates for the search term. And if you find out that it can be profitable, you can use it together with your existing targeting options.

And if you need any help with Google AdWords management, consult a good digital marketing agency who have sufficient experience and success in the area.

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