Vegas, baby!


So I took a break from all this IM shit and went to Vegas for the weekend.  It was a friend’s bachelor party so I couldn’t be “that guy” and not show up.  Had a great time…still recovering my health and catching up on my sleep.

While I was there I was feeling a bit guilty about taking 3 days off from work, since I’m not exactly rolling in the dough right now.  Ironically, as lady luck would have it, I ended up making more money playing roulette, poker, blackjack, and other table games (no slots though, not a fan) than I have made in the entire 6 weeks I’ve been doing Internet Marketing$850 whopping dollars!  Woohooo!  Retirement time.  😉

Now I’m debating whether to just move to Vegas and become a full-time gambler…hahaha.  Actually I know that would be a bad decision as I usually lose money and just had some luck for once during this latest trip.

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