$6 frickin T-Shirts…are you kidding?

6dollarshirts Ok.  I like hilarious, pop-culture-phrased t-shirts as much as the next guy (well maybe a little more).  But this new site I found takes the cake.  Game over for everyone else.

They sell these 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirts for only 6 dollars!

Or if you’re kind of a big deal you can buy 10 for $50…that’s $5 a freakin’ shirt!  Walmart is more expensive than that!

Some of the designs they have are just brilliant, too.  I’d love to have the job of the dude who sits around all day thinking up hilarious ideas for these shirts.

They’ve got categories of tees such as:

  • Funny
  • Cool & Artistic
  • TV & Movie
  • Music
  • Retro & Vintage
  • Political
  • Internationalimonaboat-kane
  • Military
  • Sports & Games
  • Geek & Tech
  • Holiday & Costume

I’m a sucker so I went for the 10 for $50 deal.  Here’s one of the ones I got (if you’re familiar with the I’m On A Boat single you’ll find it hilarious).

mysteryshirtOh yeah, and if you feel super adventurous, they have a “random shirt” deal for only $2.95! I was too afraid to do this though as they’re likely just the shirts that nobody wants to buy.

All shirts are designed, printed, and shipped in Gainesville, Florida USA, and apparently they ship globally.  My order took about a week to get to San Diego via. UPS.

Total cost including shipping was a whopping $67.  Not too shabby!

I still can’t get over how sweet some of the designs are.  Does anyone remember the old-school computer game Oregon Trail that was popular in the mid-’80s?  Well they have an Oregon-mother-f-ing-Trail design tee!  I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that.

Check ’em out > 6 Dollar Shirts

All of our shirts are designed, printed, and shipped in the lovely City of Gainesville, Florida USA.

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