Skype – Gmail Integration

g-recorderIf you’re like me and use Skype for a lot of internet marketing communications, you’ve likely noticed that it saves all conversations in encrypted files on your local hard drive.

Why?  I have no frickin’ idea, but it’s a bit ridiculous.  This means that if you have Skype installed on your laptop, desktop, and cell phone, there’s 3 different versions of your conversations stored…one on each device…that you can only access locally.  If your laptop is stolen, there goes all those conversations, never to be seen again.  And if you decide to reformat your computer, reinstall the O/S and Skype, good luck retrieving your conversations, even if you backed up the encrypted files.  There’s not even a tool available to unencrypt the files.

Hopefully you’re familiar with Gmail and its kickass archiving, labeling, searching, and cloud-access functionality.

Well, the good news is I’ve found a Skype plugin that will save all your Skype conversations (both text and voice) to your Gmail account.  This means you’ll never lose anything, you can access your history from any computer, anywhere in the world, and everything is super easy to search.

G-Recorder screenshot

How much will this cost ya?  Well a couple months ago I paid $24.99 (one-time fee), but for the next 5 days it’s available for only $14.99.  Heckuva deal if ya ask me!


Get G-Recorder here now!