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If you’ve ever been frustrated with trying to remember passwords for hundreds of websites, across multiple web browsers and multiple computers…there’s finally a bulletproof solution.

LastPass is a kickass free browser plugin that allows you to save web account information (username/passwords) and retrieve them from any computer.  All you ever need to remember going forward is your LastPass password, hence the name “last pass”.

Why does it “own”, you ask?

  • Works on multiple platforms:  Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Works with every browser
  • Way more secure than storing passwords on your local PC using the embedded password manager that comes with IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc.
  • Super easy to use!
  • Also comes with auto-form population
  • If you’re on vacation or using someone else’s computer, you can retrieve your passwords…such a time saver
  • Auto-generates secure passwords, so you can start using crazy complicated and unique passwords for every new site rather than using the same password repeatedly like most people currently do

Check it out! I’ve recommended LastPass to a handful of close friends already and they’ve been very impressed, so I’m confident you will be too.  It’s not often that a free application comes along that is genius and something you soon wonder how you ever lived without.

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