Free Traffic System – a completely unbiased review


Today I’m going to talk about Free Traffic System, which touts itself as being able to give people “free targeted website traffic in any niche”.

Well first of all, as you probably found out when you were 5 years old, nothing in the world is entirely free (except bad advice and in some cities drinks for ladies on Tuesdays).  So although this site does offer a free service, they also encourage you to become a Pro Member and get additional benefits and features.

That being said…this is what the Free Traffic System is all about:

Article Submission

  1. You write a unique article (at least 450 words) that isn’t plagiarized or already posted word-for-word on your own site.
  2. You SPIN it, which involves putting [spin][/spin] around synonyms throughout your article.
    • Here’s an example sentence: One day I [spin]went|drove|walked|ran[/spin] to the [spin]store|market|grocery store|drug store|shopping center[/spin].
    • So as you can see, because I spun a phrase 4x and another 5x, that creates 20 (4×5) possible sentences out of a single sentence
    • If you do that once or twice in each paragraph throughout your article, you have turned your single unique article into many unique articles.
  3. You determine appropriate keywords for your article (preferably ones you’re targeting in your marketing campaign)
  4. You determine appropriate URLs for the keywords which you’ve embedded in your article
  5. You enter everything above into Free Traffic System
  6. You type in category keywords to find blogs that would be suitable for your article
  7. You select 30 of these blogs
  8. Over the course of the next few days, your article is automatically submitted to these 30 blogs!
  9. The entire process typically takes me about half an hour

Article Reception

Now this is functionality you could use if you want your niche WordPress blog to run on auto-pilot.   It’s basically the inverse of the Article Submission functionality that I described above.  Note that it’s completely optional and my guess is that most folks just do the article submission.

  1. You create a new WordPress user that has the “AUTHOR” role
  2. You enter details into Free Traffic System about your blog, such as:
    • Title
    • Category
    • URL
    • Username
    • Password
  3. You sit back and wait while new articles get posted to your blog on a regular basis (I find the frequency depends on how unique your “Category” / niche is)

Pros of Free Traffic System

  • Easy to use once you figure out how spinning and keywords work (they do provide an instructional video)
  • A single article gets unique-ifide (yes, that’s definitely a word!) and submitted to 30 blogs for FREE!
  • Great for getting traffic
  • Great for getting one-way backlinks to your site with anchor-text keywords (in other words…SEO crystal meth)
  • Great for getting unique content, on auto-pilot, posted to your blog

Cons of Free Traffic System

  • Could be a bit confusing at first
  • Article Reception functionality doesn’t allow you to specific WordPress categories for the posts (I’ve had to manually move posts between categories)

Overall, as far as cost/benefit analysis goes, I highly, highly recommend Free Traffic System.  It sure aint perfect, but…come on…it’s FREE!  Plus I don’t know of any other way to get articles unique-ified and submitted to so many blogs without a whole lot of effort.

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