Two cool SEO services to check out

Occasionally I come across an SEO tool that I feel is worthy of blogging about, and oddly enough today I have two of ’em.


Instead of wasting hours building RSS feeds and pinging the feeds hoping for crawls, Linklicious eliminates all of the guesswork by providing a guaranteed 100% crawl rate.   It comes with a WordPress plugin so every post is added to an RSS feed, auto-shortened, pinged, and tracked so you can see exactly when your links were spidered.

Linklicious is quite affordable too:  they have a free account and the most feature-packed paid account is only $54/mo.

Here’s a chart that shows the improved crawl late with and without using Linklicious:

Link Pushing

I was looking for a completely automated, hands-off service that combined multiple backlinking techniques.   So I headed over to the Warrior Forum and a quick search brought me to this WSO.

Here’s what the “Link Pushing” service offers:

  1. User enters their information; a 2 minute process.
  2. System grabs an article from a random article directory.
  3. System spins the article using The Best Spinner.
  4. System submits the articles to Web 2.0 Properties and Auto-Approve Article directories backlinking to the money site.
  5. System then submits to various Doc share sites splitting the backlinks randomly to the money site, the Web 2.0s and the Auto Approve articles.
  6. System then submits to microblog sites with links randomly split between the money site, the Web 2.0s and the Auto Approve Article sites.
  7. System then submits spun articles to non-auto approval article sites with backlinks to the Web 2.0s and the auto approved article sites.

I had a couple questions before signing up and was super impressed with how quickly and professionally Greg (one of the owners) responded to me.  Although this service is in its infancy, so far I really like how easy it is to use and it seems like these dudes have some great features planned in the next release.  I don’t have enough data on its effectiveness to improve SERPs yet but I’ll post an update when I do.

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  1. August 10, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Interesting Link Pushing graph. It makes me think of a coupla things:

    Some site owners worry about leaving a ‘Footprint’ that Google can supposedly detect. But really, once a backlink profile becomes the least bit complex, it really becomes IMPOSSIBLE to decipher anything but the four most common denominators: Either it has alot of links or a few. Either it has a good ratio of Authority links to Kraplinks or not. The Anchor Text and content theme correlate well or doesn’t. And either link velocity is growing or stagnating.

    The problem with Link Wheel (or Link Pyramid) graphs is that they don’t exist on such a flat plane! Once extrapolated into a much more accurate and real 3-D space of # of links, authority and theme relevance – you realize just how ridiculous it is to think Google is somehow ‘watching you’ or ‘knows’ much of anything beyond the simplest of metrics.

    Link ‘decay’ is never represented. This can either be backlinks truly disappearing off of sites – or simply being de-indexed and aged out of the system. It’s in constant change/motion. A footprint has no clean edges anymore.

    The SEO takeway? Once you’ve built a coupla hundred diverse backlinks to a site – and a smattering of deeplinks and backlinks to THOSE backlinks — you can largely get real aggressive with linkbuilding techniques to manipulate the hell out of the ‘net.

    I think when a site is young — very casually, gently, erratically and randomly hand-building links here and there can keep you out of trouble. After that, especially after the 1 yr mark, you can push the pedal to the metal…

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