How to get your YouTube video on Google Page 1


I recently figured out a neat trick for getting a YouTube video to show up on Page 1 of Google search results.  We all know that YouTube = Google, so that makes this technique even more powerful than if it was done with some random video site that may be shut down or Google may someday decide to ignore.


This trick used to work great before the YouTube blog was changed to a Blogger platform.  Now there’s a “NOFOLLOW” attribute on the comment hyperlinks, so it’s arguable how effective this is anymore.  But if you want to try it…give ‘er!   Report back if it seems to work.

Here’s what ya gotta do:

  1. Create a YouTube profile, if you haven’t already.
  2. Upload a video that’s been keyword-optimized for the Google search phrase you’re targeting.  This means the title of the video should be your long-tail keyword.  Like “make money online fast”.
  3. Create a Blogger profile (Frank’s is just an example), if you haven’t already.  Add a backlink in the “About Me” section which goes to your YouTube profile URL.  Again, use the keyword you’re targetting.
  4. Visit the YouTube Blog.
  5. Find a story to comment on.
  6. For the “Comment As” field select “Google Account”.
  7. Write  a respectful, relevant comment.
  8. You should be prompted to log into your Blogger account when you click “Preview” or “Post Comment”
  9. Notice a few things,
    • The Blog page has PR of 9…that’s HUGE!
  10. Wait for your video to appear in Google search results.
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. Profit

Done and done.

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