Outsourcing Myself – Language Barrier

I emailed my new VA, Jemelo, to ask him a few questions and here’s his response:

I’m sure you already know my name, the following are the answers to youre questions sir.

1. i am available through email and chat only.
2. i can’t do phone calls to someone in north america.
3. The SEO software that we have is SENUKE.
4. yes sir i am working 20 hours perm week.

what kind od SEO task i will be doing for you sir?

I am looking forward for your responce.

Since I’m looking for someone who can do a bit of article writing, and content editing, I decided his English wasn’t quite up to par.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible…heck I’ve seen much, much worse from outsourcers…it’s just not good enough for my needs.

So I emailed First Page Web Search and told them about my dilemma.  They were completely cool with it and offered to assign me a replacement VA that had better English.

A day later, enter “Gerlyn”.  She seems better from my initial conversation with her.

For her first task, I wanted her to use SENuke with one of my client’s sites.  Since I’ve never used this software myself, I asked her what it could do as she wanted some direction.

SEnuke can make automated backlinking, social bookmarking, linkwheel, article submission, rss feeds submission, video submission and keyword research. This can make the work fast as it is automated.

Perfect.  So I gave her a list of page/keyword combinations via a shared Google Doc as well as 5 articles I had saved from a previous campaign.  Gerlyn said she’d get to work ASAP.

For my next update I’ll talk about how Gerlyn did on her first task with SENuke.

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