SECockpit Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool

I’ve tried A TON of keyword research tools:  Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai, Word Tracker, Keyword Elite, you name it…I’ve tried ’em all.

What sets SECockpit apart from its competitors is that it’s ridiculously fast.  Since it’s a web service rather than a local software app, you can run as many queries as you want simultaneously…in fact it can handle 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords per minute.  I’d like to see your current tool do that!

Not only that, but SECockpit uses multiple keyword sources:  Google Adwords, Google Suggest, and Google ‘related search terms’.

Let’s take a look at the SECockpit interface, for this example I used the seed keyword “deals”:

As you can see, it comes packed with tons of useful details for each keyword.  The “Niche” column is the SECockpit evaluation of how “good” the niche is for that keyword.  You can see which domains are available to buy for each keyword, with hyphens and without.  You can see which of the top 10 results are sniper sites or Youtube vids.

And if you double-click on a keyword in the results, you are taken to the top 10 Google results which give you some juicy data such as mozRank, Page Authority, Juice links (count of links that are valuable in determining SE ranking), and a direct link to go to Open Site Explorer.


Pretty slick, eh?

Get SECockpit here.

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