How to generate more real estate leads and sales like the top agents

The aim of every real estate agent is to generate real estate leads and sales day in day out.

Despite the abundance of leads, it’s surprising that only 10% of agents know how to generate and convert leads to sales

That is why only 10% of agents close 90% of the deals leaving 90% of agents to scramble for the leftover of 10%.

Here in this article, I am going to show you what the minority 10% agents do so well that they close 90% of the deals.

What you will learn here

  • what top agents do so well that others don’t
  • how to generate leads
  • how to convert leads to sales

What top agents do

What does the top agent do so well that they literally monopolized 90% of all real estate transactions?

  • Do they do a lot of guest posting, social media posting and commenting to get leads? Answer: No
  • Do they sit down all day on their computers marketing their business online?

Answer: No

  • Do they design, maintain and promote their website?

Answer: No

  • Do they buy leads?

Answer: No

So what do the 10% do so well that the rest 90% agents fail to do?

1. They know where the leads are and they go there to meet and engage them

In today’s digital era according to national association of realtors, more than 90% of real estate buyers made use of the internet one way or the other in their buying journey.

With this in mind, the top agent has sharpened their skills in learning where their potential leads hang out online and the best way to engage them.

Where do real estate leads hang out online?

The hungry real estate leads (those already thinking of buying or with a pre-defined date of buying) make use of search engines to find information that will enhance their buying decision.

Search engines are the biggest referrer of traffic to a website and one good thing about search engine leads is as opposed to other form of online advertising like display ads where you try to catch the attention of a potential lead.

In search, the reverse is the case. They (leads) are the ones searching for you, which make leads generated from search engines convert to sales easily.

Out of all the online advertising channels like facebook, instagram and display ads, search engine marketing has the highest ROI.

Big real estate websites like zillow and generate almost all their traffic through search engines.

And even the real estate leads selling companies get there leads entirely from search engine marketing and then sell to real estate agents at a cut trought price.

How real estate agents can market in search engines

There are only two ways of making it in search engine marketing, you either pay for instant listing (PPC) on search engine result pages (SERP) or you work your website solely but gradually up the search engine result ladder (SEO).

Using PPC is a quick way to gain traffic and leads but it’s not free; you have to pay for every click or referrals to your site.

But it’s a quick way to generate leads and sales must especially for new agents.

Real estate seo is another ball game in the sense that it doesn’t give instant result. It’s a slow but gradual process that requires time and patience.

The good thing about seo is that it will reduce your marketing cost in the long run while increasing your traffic, leads and sales.

How to win in real estate seo

  • Build your site for humans not search engines
  • Make your website responsive
  • Hire a real estate seo expert in you lack the right knowledge or time
  • Blog constantly about your niche
  • Make your website a local resource
  • Post videos and images on your website
  • diversify your anchor test
  • build backlinks from local website

Here is a short youtube video of how to do effective seo for beginners:

Where do the best leads hangout online?

The best quality lead every agent should go for all hang out in search engine result pages not on forums, social media posting or guest post.

All this medium produce few leads which don’t justify the amount of time put into it. The top agents know this thus they avoid it.

2. They use the right digital marketing tool to generate and convert leads to sales

The type of digital marketing toolkit used in executing a marketing campaign is the difference between being a top agent and poor agent.

Top agents have the right kind of tool used at each stage of marketing thereby giving them an edge over others.

Tools used by top agents

  • A leads magnet website with responsive design, blog and IDX integration (optional)
  • They go crazy in blogging
  • A real estate CRM and Email marketing software with mobile app
  • Email marketing content and templates

There is nothing voodoo about being successful real estate. The only difference is that the suceesful ones has figured it out and go after it while the less successful ones has not.

Follow these tips and you will join the league of top performing real estate agents.

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