EMBR group specialise in digital lead generation for various B2C industries in Australia and New Zealand. We work on a performance basis, meaning you only pay for leads we deliver for you. You don’t have to worry about buying clicks, impressions, placements or any add platforms. EMBR take care of all of this for you and you only pay for leads of real people interested in your product or service.

We currently generate over 4,500 leads per day for some of the country’s biggest consumer brands, who choose to trust EMBR for their digital lead generation.

EMBR take the pressure off you having to build the right landing page, optimise it, ensure its converting and ensure your ad content is up to scratch and converting.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, as long as your targeting consumers (B2C) we can assist you. Consumer based lead generation is our speciality.

EMBR Group are specialist performance marketers who can help you break through the competition and reach your target market through digital lead generation.

We work on a performance basis and we call it ‘performance marketing’ because you only pay for leads we generate for you, according to your qualifications and criteria.

We currently generate over 5,000 leads per day for some of the biggest Australian and global consumer brands who run aggressive growth strategies and demand the highest return on investment.

Whether you are in a competitively tough industry, or just wanting to grow your current sales, EMBR can help. Our insight and expertise have been described as “a breath of fresh air” for our current client’s campaigns and marketing strategies.

We pride ourselves on our failures as much as our successes. As it is this insight and industry knowledge that we will apply to help you save valuable marketing dollars on your future campaigns.

Lead generation is vital to your growth as a business. The more new-business you can generate, the more you can grow. Even with a highly successful referral program and internal marketing process, you will eventually hit the bottom of the barrel and require fresh business. This is where EMBR can come in and assist.

Do you know how to run effective Cost per Click (CPC) campaigns?

Do you know how to optimise your Cost per Impressions CPM) to lower your CPC?

Do you know how to leverage Cost per View (CPV) campaigns on video streaming services to reinforce your brand?

If the answer is no to one or any of these, but you still want to generate new leads, then you need to contact EMBR Lead generation today.

We specialise in the following industries:

We generate all of our leads in-house and in a compliant and transparent nature. We make sure campaigns adhere to Australian and New Zealand Spam and Privacy laws.

Contact EMBR today to speak with a campaign manager, create a plan of attack and discuss how EMBR can help you achieve you lead generation goals today.


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