Bitchin’ FireFox Add-Ons

Here’s a few of my favorite FireFox Add-Ons, in no particular order:

Session Manager Session Manager

  • Holy shit is this ever a MUST HAVE Add-On for everyone
  • Allows you to save one or more windows (containing multiple tabs) as a “Session”
  • Tracks the state of your windows and tabs if FF crashes
  • Keeps a history of all closed windows, in case you accidentally close one (I do this quite often)

IE Tab IE Tab

  • Allows you to embed an instance of Internet Explorer inside of a FF tab
  • Super handy for viewing how your site would look in IE without having to open the app
  • I actually use this mostly for keeping two Gmail sessions active: personal email in an IE Tab, work email in a normal FF tab

FF Add-on Misc Live PageRank

  • Displays the Google PageRank for the active URL
  • Useful when you’re busy worrying about SEO and backlinks and all that fun stuff

Seo for FireFox SEO for FireFox

  • Tons of functionality in this bad-boy
  • I primarily use it when looking at Google search results to get metrics for each result such as PR, Google Cache Date, Traffic Value, # Diggs, # Stumbles, Twitter Rank, and various other details.
  • One-click easy enable/disable in the FF *system tray* (whatever the heck that’s actually called?)

FF Add-on Misc NoDoFollow

  • If you enable this Add-on, when you’re browsing webpages, it will highlight hyperlinks in different colors to indicate the dofollow / nofollow status
  • Definitely useful when promoting your site on directories, blogs, forums, etc.

Shareaholic Shareaholic

  • Adds a button in FF near the address bar
  • Makes it very easy to share sites with your favorite Web 2.0 social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and email services.
  • Works with over 60 services such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, Diigo, Google Reader,…

SortPlaces SortPlaces

  • Allows you to easily sort your bookmarks
  • I wonder why the heck FF makes it so difficult to search ALL folders and bookmarks alphabetically?

That’s it!

If anyone has others that I missed and likely don’t know about – please leave a Comment!

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