One Hour Backlinks is WINNING

A recent link building service I’ve tried and wholeheartedly recommend is One Hour Backlinks.  The dude who created Linklicious launched this creative site that makes it super simple and super quick to blast your sites with backlinks.  I’m a big fan not only of the ease-of-use of the site but its pleasing design.  It’s rare to find an internet marketing / SEO site that doesn’t look like it was designed using Geocities in 1997 😉

Here’s what the order form looks like:

Like I said, super simple.

  1. Use the top slider to select how many backlinks you’d like (the more you want, the cheaper they get per link).
  2. Optionally choose radio buttons for “indexed links only”, “dofollow only”, or “PR1+”, keeping in mind that each option costs extra
  3. Enter your keywords
  4. Enter your URLs


Once you’ve placed an order and its been completed (mine took about 20 minutes), you can view the data on your “Complete Projects” page:

As you can see even though I paid for 2000 links I received 2420 of ’em and the Indexation rate was 45%.

The “download links” hyperlink lets you download a CSV file that contains, for each link:

  • URL
  • PR
  • Indexed (yes, no)
  • DoFollow (yes, no)
  • Keyword
  • Target URL

This spreadsheet is super handy for loading into other link building systems to further boost the SEO-juice of your new One Hour Backlinks.


3 comments for “One Hour Backlinks is WINNING

  1. June 5, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    What do you think of actually rank..that blog commenting service run by Chris Rempel (another Canadian!). They supply blogs to comment on and obviously drop a backlink. It’s not as automated as this service but they reckon there are some high pr sites that they find and by it’s nature it is pretty random so hard for google to track. I’m think of having a go but I wonder if the comments will be accepted. I’ve done blog commenting before and you just can’t justify the time it takes per link, especially when most blog owners don’t accept the comment.

    • June 6, 2011 at 10:19 am

      Never heard of it but I don’t believe manual backlinking is worth the time or effort anymore. There’s so many completely automated services out there that appear natural to search engines and get you the same result for a fraction of the effort. I think people really overestimate how “smart” Google is when detecting unnatural link building campaigns.

  2. August 1, 2011 at 9:02 am

    I almost feel _sorry_ for Goog’l, almost. Over the year’s they’ve become Clinically Paranoid and distrusting of one link source after another as they scramble to define and endlessly reduce, reduce, reduce the sites they ‘trust’ for Authority. They really did declare 95% of the internet ‘Garbage’ — but the only collateral they really have to work with IS the Age, Number of Backlinks, and Authority Rank (no matter how arbitrary they may determine that).

    I concur – it doesn’t take long for a backlink profile to become so criss-crossed, interlinked and convoluted to decipher that Googl mathematically CAN NOT assess it’s supposed ‘footprint’ once it passes some level of simplicity.

    I do get a sense tho that PR0 links have recently been devalued – and more importantly – that Goog doesn’t index or more _quickly_ flushes them out of the index with a newfound voracity as of late… It may be that hard PR1 or PR2 links have become the New PR0. So automated link-building opportunities are really going to need to offer PR1+ guaranteed to be worth their salt.

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