Get Traffic for Free

I stumbled across this site recently and thought it was a pretty clever idea. allows you to:

  • Get Twitter followers
  • Get Facebook likes
  • Get MySpace followers
  • Get StumbleUpon followers
  • Get Digg followers
  • Get visitors to ANY website
And you can do all of this for FREE, it just takes time.  Here’s how it works, using Twitter as an example:
  1. Enter your Twitter username 
  2. Define how many points you want to pay for each follower 
  3. Browse a grid of other users who want to be followed, then choose which one you want to follow and click “Follow”.  A window will popup with their Twitter page loaded, where you need to click “Follow”.  Then return to YouLikeHits and click “Confirm”.   In many cases you’ll earn 9 credits for each follow.
If you don’t want to spend time clicking buttons and waiting for popup windows, and don’t have a Virtual Assistant that can do this for ya, you can always buy points.  They have different packages ranging from 1,250 points for $17.50 to 20,000 points for $160.  If you do the math that comes out to 0.8 cents per point, or 1.6 cents per Twitter follower…pretty darn cheap!

YouLikeHits is definitely worth checking out.  It’s an easy-to-use and effective tool for building social followers, boosting search engine rankings, and getting traffic on the cheap.

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