Content vs Backlinks – Having trouble getting indexed!

Note: This post is related to my ongoing experiment to determine which Google prefers moreFresh Content or Quality Backlinks


Ok just an update –

About 2 days after I tried to get both sites indexed by Google (used StumbleUpon, submitted sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools, posted a couple backlinks on high PR sites)…site “b” was but site “a” still wasn’t.

Now here we are a few weeks later and site “a” is indexed but site “b” isn’t. So it seems as if Google knows that they are similar in structure and content (although I tried my best to rewrite the content using synonyms and what-not so it was unique) and randomly decides to switch which one is indexed? Does anyone else find that frickin’ weird!

My assumption is that this is happening because they’re both subdomains of the same domain, so perhaps my experiment was flawed before I ever started. Maybe I should have purchased two unique domains instead of cheaping out?

Here’s the two queries to see which pages from each site are indexed:

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