Content vs Backlinks – Found a Niche Topic!

Note: This post is related to my ongoing experiment to determine which Google prefers moreFresh Content or Quality Backlinks

Well after a quick browse through ClickBank I stumbled across this -> Double Your Vertical Leap.


The World’s Top Selling Vertical Jump Enhancement System Is Back, Better Than Ever. 6 Months Of Extensive Testing – And A Mouth-watering Offer – Has Produced A Website That Converts At 5-7%… Every Single Time! Look For More Updates Shortly…

It’s got some decent numbers:

  • $89 / sale
  • 51% commission
  • 93% referred
  • 12.05 gravity
  • And a 5-7% conversion rate on the pitch page

After searching for “vertical jump” in good ‘ol Micro Niche Finder, I came across a particular phrase that had solid results.

“jump higher exercises”

  • Search Count = 1,300 (how many times per month people are searching on Google for this phrase – this is a tad low but not terrible)
  • Exact Phrase Count = 13,200 (how many total results there are for this phrase in quotes – under 20,000 is good)
  • Commercial Intent = 29% (how likely a person searching for this phrase is to BUY something – this is bad but I’m not doing this to make money)
  • Strength of Competition = 14 (this is excellent, it means the competing sites don’t have very good backlinks)

So I’m all set!  The next steps are to create two subdomains, setup WordPress, and then work on the initial content.

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