5 Tips for Using Facebook to Grow Your Business, Without Controlling Your Life

Your business could be doing better.

No matter how its doing right nowwhether youre struggling to make ends meet or already sitting on a comfortable cash flowyou can harness the power of social media to help your business reach the next level.

Building your business online can help you create passive income flow so you can live a better life. And you can do it without chaining yourself to your desk to run an advertising campaign.

Heres how it’s done:

1) Use Facebook Ads

91 percent of marketers use Facebook ads to reach their customers.

Thats a staggering percentage. Theres a reason for that: Facebook lets you drill down deeper than any other advertising platform on the market when youre trying to narrow down your audience. Its easy to figure out exactly the segment that you want to reach.

Once youve set up a Facebook campaign, youll have to monitor it dailybut it wont take long. Once its running, you just need to tune it. If its doing well, increase your ad spend.

If its not doing so hot, try something different with creative or targeting. Focus on getting one thing right at a time and it wont take you very long each day to keep it going.

2) Engage With Content

Take 15 minutes per day and search for the subject of your business. Whatever it is. Are you a barber? Search for content about haircuts. A marketer? Find posts on marketing. And then leave comments on them.

Be natural—dont come off with a hard sellbut mention something topical to the article that you can link back to things youve done in your own business.

Youll drive engagement and improve your credibility.

3) Use Facebook Offers to Drive Traffic

Facebook Offers are a powerful tool that not enough businesses use.

As a business owner, youre constantly looking for ways to get more people engaged and involved with your business. Particularly if youre an online business, you can leverage the power of offers to do this in a way that helps you long-term.

If you run a Facebook Offer and cross-promote it on your website, on social media, and maybe even in print or in store if you have a physical footprint, you can drive customers to your Facebook page and get them engaged. If the offers good, theyll tell their friends, and that will drive engagement to your Facebook page as well.

The best part? You set it up and forget it. Try it out. See what happens.

4) Livestream Your Life

Gary Vaynerchuk is a master of this strategy—the entrepreneur and digital marketer has made a business out of promoting the behind-the-scenes of his business. But anyone can utilize this.

People are fascinated by process, and showing them what youre doing behind the scenes can be a great way to get people interested. Next time you get in a great new product, or you have an exciting meeting, or you run into somebody on the street whos super excited about what you do, go live!

Take a couple of minutes and let people know whats happening.

You dont have to go anywhere and set up equipment—in fact, the more authentic, the better. Youre already there, so youre not taking time out of your day. Its easy.

5) Use Facebook Groups for Your Customers

Get people involved in a Facebook group and you can keep them more engaged with your business with just a little effort.

Put it out there first—say, “Hey, Im going to start a private group for customers of my business, and if you want in therell be exclusive offers and Ill keep you in the loop on new developments”.

Then each day, spend a little time keeping them abreast of whats happening. Make sure youre engaging and answering questions—it shouldnt take too long. Try doing some deals that are exclusive to the group so you can keep people invested.

Its important that they not drop off from checking in—youre trying to build engagement and loyalty, after all. It may surprise you how little time and effort it takes to quickly build a following if youre offering real value and real feedback.

Creating a group that keeps them in the loop helps your customers feel seen and known, not just like numbers on a spreadsheet. Youll generate both immediate sales and positive word of mouth. That translates to a more successful business and steadier income.

With only a few minutes a day, you can invest effort that will help you grow your business by leaps and bounds. By applying these tips, you can catapult your business to new heights without letting it control your life.

Work smarter, not harder, and use the power of Facebook.

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