WarriorForum – if you haven’t already, sign up now!

This forum was recommended to me by my friend Trent, who actually introduced me to the world of internet marketing.  It was the first IM forum I registered for, and I’m damn glad I did.

Warrior Forum

There’s sooo much information in the WarriorForum comunity that it’ll make you sick.  That’s not hard to believe since they’ve been around since 1997.  Old school!

When I started out with IM I had tons of questions, there was so much information to take in at once, and I felt like my brain was going to explode.  But luckily the WarriorForum has almost all the answers I was looking for, and if I couldn’t search and find an existing thread that had the solution, I’d just start a new one and get a response really quick.

And did I mention that it’s 100% FREE!?

The best part is that the members are super nice and everyone seems to help each other out.  There’s lots of idea sharing and nobody seems to hate on “newbies” like you’ll find in many other forums.

Can you tell that I’m a HUGE FAN? 😉