Beta testing a new list building service

On WarriorForum, I recently saw this dude named Troy requesting beta testers for his new email list building service.  Right now he’s only looking for people who are running Internet Marketing sites, so I decided to sign up with this blog.

I don’t get a whole lot of traffic but I love testing the hell out of stuff…haha…that’s sad eh?

The service seems pretty sweet so far!  I would like to show you some screenshots of the interface, but Troy probably wouldn’t appreciate that very much.  I can’t go giving away all his trade secrets 😉

Basically, the idea goes like this:

  • You first install an email autoresponder / subscriber manager app (there’s free ones available too) on your site
  • You register with ListCrew
  • You enter details about your website and select a category for it
  • You modify your site’s HTML to include a little script that ListCrew provides
  • You setup a “Newsletter Ad” – a simple title and short description of your newsletter
  • Your Newsletter Ad appears when visitors go to other community websites, and visa versa – it’s just a small window that appears and allows users to subscribe; not very intrusive
  • You sit back, relax, drink some beers, and watch as your list grows

If this sounds like good times, and you want in, just read the instructions in the above thread.

Edit – apparently Troy has enough beta testers now, so you’ll have to wait until the ListCrew public release!

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