New Program from Successful Entrepreneur Opens Door to Financial Independence Through Shopify

As the global shift towards self-employment continues, the modern workforce is experiencing an unprecedented surge in online business ownership. And it isn’t any wonder – business owners and entrepreneurs report record levels of fulfillment, satisfaction, and overall happiness in their day-to-day lives compared to traditional employees.

But it isn’t just increased career satisfaction that has people all over the world rushing to open up their own online business. It’s also the higher earning potential and the possibility of achieving complete financial independence – which can be more than difficult in a typical 9 to 5 job.

Tim Rose, a former coffee shop barista turned wildly successful online entrepreneur, has just released a cutting-edge new program that takes users through the necessary steps and strategies for building a highly prosperous and highly lucrative network of online retailers, and it represents a significant shift away from the guesswork of conjuring a blowout e-commerce success and towards a data-driven, structured formula for building a thriving online presence.

A brand-new program called Shopifortunes aims to make the leap into e-commerce ownership easier than ever – for a select few that is. This Shopify store launch program incorporates little-known growth hacks for successfully scaling a business along with a comprehensive breakdown of every step of launching an online store. It also features automation strategies and techniques that make the process so easy that users can build up their e-commerce empire while still holding down a traditional full-time job.

The program, which is entirely self-paced and delivered as a digital product, is structured as an online course. Users move through the six phases of the course by engaging with online video lectures, completing various exercises and activities, and by developing a practical action plan using guidance from the Shopifortunes lessons.

Mr. Rose’s story is a unique one. With an incomplete college education, a spotty work history, and as a self-proclaimed “slow learner,” Rose’s future prospects were quite bleak just a few years ago. He had a strong work ethic, but his continual craving to break out of the everyday 9 to 5 routine made rising up the conventional corporate ladder difficult, to say the least.

But one day while working for minimum wage at a national coffee shop chain, Rose was introduced to an eccentric and unconventional entrepreneur named Lucas. And after a chance encounter, he opened up the door for Rose to a proven system forbuilding and maintaining a network of online retailers using Shopify and proprietary automation technology.

Tim Rose, the developer of the program and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur himself, describes Shopifortunes as “a comprehensive boot camp for anyone trying to build a lucrative online store quickly, easily, and strategically.” Rose points out that one of the biggest things that separates this program from others is that it’s clear, highly-structured, and provides real-world guidance where other programs simply offer vague advice. “It truly is a nuts-and-bolts, detail-oriented approach to building an e-commerce empire,” Rose says.

Another aspect of Shopifortunes that makes it stand out from other systems is that it doesn’t rely on dropshipping as a business model. Dropshipping – where online storefronts receive an order and have it shipped directly from a third-party supplier rather than holding inventory itself – historically has razor-thin margins, an intense level of competition, and can often be a logistical nightmare.

And because it doesn’t rely on dropshipping, the Shopifortunes method allows users to develop or source their own product, tap into a unique market gap, and ultimately earn an exponentially higher ROI.

Plus, since it covers the entire process of starting an online store (from market research and product development all the way to launch day and scaling for growth), Shopifortunes is great for anyone looking to break into e-commerce – from users who already have a million-dollar idea in mind to ones who still are in the brainstorming stage.

Seats in the Shopifortunes program are limited, however. As a result, membership may not be open for long. Interested parties should use the link below to find out more about the program and current availability.

Find Out More About Shopifortunes.

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