5 Things To Watch Out For When Choosing An Email Marketing Service

If you have entered the online marketing sphere, then it is inevitable that you would have started looking for a good email marketing service. After all, email campaigns are one of the most important sales channels of any online marketer. And if you are not too sure about how to pick up a good email service, then the five tips below should help you with it.

Domain Configuration

One of the first things to do is to configure the email service to your business domain name. This has two benefits. Firstly, it will give a professional identity for the emails. After all, when the recipient of the email checks it out, seeing the receiver as ‘info@tourismnow.com’ evokes more respect and trust than an address like ‘info@yttweed123.com’. Secondly, the address that ends with ‘yttweed123.com’ is more likely to be sent to the trash folder by the email client. In contrast, the address which ends with ‘tourismnow.com’ is more likely to be sent to the inbox, thereby ensuring that the recipient has the highest chances of seeing them.


Check whether the email service offers templates or not. If you are extremely well versed in internet marketing and design, then templates may not be required since you may be able to create them yourself. However, if you have zero knowledge of design, then it is imperative that the service you pick offers numerous email templates that can be used in any situation.

Database Grouping

The next feature to look out for is the database grouping option. This allows you to categorize people on the basis of identities or preferences and target your emails to them accordingly. For example, you can create groups like ‘male’, ‘female’, ‘female over 40’ etc. and create emails that are targeted to meet the expectations of those specific groups. As a result, the responses from such targeted emails are likely to be much higher than usual, thereby boosting your profits.

Trial Period

Most email services will give you a trial period during which you will have full access to all the features provided by them. However, some do offer only partial features. Whatever be the case, make sure that you test out the email service thoroughly during the trial period. Some of them can last 7 days or even 14 days. As such, you should be able to send a few promotional emails and judge how well the service works for you.

Social Media Integration

Finally, do you know what feature will impact your marketing campaigns the most when looking for email marketing services? The answer is simple – social media. Most of the email services today will feature social media integration. And if your email content is good, then it will be shared by the recipients on their social media profiles, which will go on to expose your brand identity to a wider range of people than your initial email list. In fact, the reach can easily become millions provided the content is good.

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