5 Effective steps to create a blog that your readers love

Blogging is interesting and super trendy these days. With free blog options like ‘blogger’ and ‘WordPress.com’ starting a blog of your own is no rocket science. But regularly updating it is quite a task!

Blogging requires dedicated time and creative content to engage its readers. Apart from this, there are valuable tips to make a blog popular. Take a look at this popular blog writing secrets listed below:

  1. Striking Blog design is a visual treat

When a person visits your blog, the first thing he or she notices is the blog design. A bad blog design can be a big turn-off and the person might never visit your blog ever again.

Treat your blog readers with remarkable and creative designs – to achieve the best user experience. Explore new designs and layouts to create awesome blog designs. Smooth navigation to different tabs and pages can hook the reader to your blog for a longer time.

  1. Go visible on blog communities

Most of the bloggers religiously follow blog communities. Check for a popular blog community and submit your blog in it. When you read other blogs in the community and add a value added comment to it – you are actually increasing your visibility and network. You can even submit your blogs to significant directories to get noticed. There are high chances of people using your blog on their website and they can even provide links to your blogs in their page. This can directly contribute to your search engine ranking.

  1. Slay with Tutorials and pillar articles

Tutorial Contents and pillar articles are evergreen content. For instance, a tutorial like “How to prepare brownie” can be a bookmark on someone’s browser – This content can never go obsolete and the reader can refer it whenever needed. Pillar article is also like a tutorial article which teaches the reader about everything. A good example can be “Top 10 ways to keep your house clean”, “5 ways to stay healthy” etc. When your posts carry some information to solve community problems – It can get shared numerous times on social media to make your blog popular.

  1. Communicate with readers

Blogging gets interesting when you communicate with readers virtually. Lighten up the conversation with humours and creative content. Keep the tone friendly, informal and easy. After all, no one loves to read a boring paragraph for a school exam. When you write the way you talk, it can reach out to more people. Simple language with no complicated words can win over million hearts!

  1. Use social media to promote your posts

Well, I am sure everyone has an account on Facebook or Twitter. Create a page on Facebook for your blog and invite all your friends to join the page. You can ask your friends in turn to invite their contacts and so on. This can drastically increase your page followers. If readers love the content, sharing can get super breezy.

Twitter tweets are hugely trending – a value delivering tweet can have numerous followers. Retweets can drastically increase traffic to your page, just to make your blog popular.

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