The BEST domain name generator


Well, at least the best one that I’ve found so far…haha.


Let me list the reasons…

  • It’s FREE
  • It’s got a name generator > Creates pronounceable names using language rules and parameters
  • It’s got themes >Combines your keywords with preset wordlists
  • It’s got a spinner > Combines various methods of search
  • It’s got a dictionary > Looks for word relations in semantic databases; combines them with your suffixes or prefixes
  • It’s got a randomizer > Looks for word relations in semantic databases and rearranges the word parts to come up with new names
  • It’s got a blender > Uses your Favorites or Custom Theme to create random permutations
  • It’s can handle bulk phrases > Enter up to 100 keywords or phrases on separate lines

Some of the stuff it does is insane!  There’s no way I could come up with even 10% of the domain names it generates by myself.

Anyways, I’m a big fan.  You should cheggit out…

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