Tips for hiring the right Orlando SEO company

If you’re in the market for an Orlando SEO agency, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the volume of options. And as you narrow down your search and begin speaking with potential agencies, you may find many repeat the same information over and over. After some time, you might even begin to wonder if SEO is worth it at all.

Check out our tips for hiring the right Orlando SEO company here, so you can be informed on how to make the best decision for your business.

  1. Determine your exact needs
  2. Get consultations and keep shopping around on the down low
  3. Request case studies and references
  4. Ask good questions
  5. Common misconceptions around SEO agencies

Determine your exact needs

Before you take the step of hiring an Orlando SEO expert, it’s crucial that you first determine what your exact needs are. You might already have a specific need in mind, such as ongoing SEO, an audit, or content marketing. And if you’re aren’t entirely sure what you need yet, focus on a broader business goal, like increasing sales or rankings.

Having a specific goal in mind will help streamline and focus SEO efforts, and it will make it easier to measure the success and results.

Get consultations and keep shopping around on the down low

When looking for an Orlando SEO firm, it’s a good idea to get several consultations so you can get a sense of the agency. Consultations are usually free, include a proposal, and they’ll help you determine if the people are a good fit for your business. It’s also important to not let agencies know you’re shopping around, because they actually may not try as hard to win your business if they know you’re looking elsewhere.

Request case studies and references

If you want to feel assured an Orlando SEO agency can get the job done the way you want, the best way to do that is to get references. This is especially helpful if you want to see results in your specific industry. If you’re an attorney, it’ll help to see that a firm has experience and success helping other attorneys get better SEO.

References will also help you get a sense of how the firm operates and liaisons with clients.

Ask good questions

As you get to know the Orlando SEO agencies, make sure you ask good questions. More specifically, ask them to tell your anecdotes or stories about work they’ve done. This is like an interview process for hiring, and this gives the agency a chance to show their passion and creativity. Some of the questions may include:

  • What is your SEO approach to deliver results?
  • How will you adjust your strategy to our business industry?
  • What metrics does your SEO agency define as success?
  • How long until we can expect to see results?
  • How do you approach mobile optimization?
  • How should SEO be incorporated with our overall online marketing strategy?

Take this time to also ask them about challenges and failures, and how they bounced back and kept going. This is a partnership, so it’s important to have an SEO agency that’s transparent and resilient.

Common misconceptions around SEO agencies

As you conduct your research on Orlando SEO agencies to potentially work with, it’s a good idea to address any misconceptions first. For example, just because an agency has a posh or slick website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can deliver on the results you need. An agency that shows up as No. 1 in your area or one that has hundreds of employees may not mean it’s the best choice.

Now that you’ve reviewed these hiring tips for an Orlando SEO agency, are you ready to take the next step? Contact our team at Web Daytona today for a consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your business goals through SEO. Our passionate, results-driven team is ready to be a partner in helping your business succeed.

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