Hot New Affiliate Network


I just signed up (it’s free!) with Affiliate Fleet. I won’t say whom but a good friend is associated with this company and has guaranteed me that they’re going to be huge.  I love how they present themselves too.   Not only can you promote “cost per sale” programs but they also have “cost per action” and many others.

Plus, they’re going to make it super easy for affiliates to become advertisers and use the network to promote their own products.  Similar to how ClickBank does it.

A really easy-to-use interface, and apparently the program manager is a genius and really dedicated to provide excellent 24/7 support to members.

We are not your traditional network…

Better than an elitist CPA Network, more advanced than the old Cost Per Sale Networks – We’ve combined the best features of both, improved on them and will work with all of these types of programs:

  • Cost Per Sale
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Action
  • Cost Per Download
  • Email Submits
  • Zip Submits

I’m excited to see how this will turn out!

So far they’ve already got over 50 offers, and they just launched today.   Some of them even have up to $100 commissions on sales!   That’s insane.