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Tools I couldn’t or could live without

Bitchin’ FireFox Add-Ons

Here’s a few of my favorite FireFox Add-Ons, in no particular order: Session Manager Holy shit is this ever a MUST HAVE Add-On for everyone Allows you to save one or more windows (containing multiple tabs) as a “Session” Tracks the state of your windows and tabs if FF crashes Keeps a history of all closed windows, in case you…

Tag Format Converter

I wrote this WordPress plugin to help me when making submissions to social bookmarking sites. I hated having to manually rewrite the tag formats because certain sites insist on using silly rules like spaces with double quotes. Boo-erns to them. Anyways, figured somebody else may find it useful too! Let me know if you have any suggestions for how to…

Google Position Tool

There’s a bunch of different ones out there but I prefer this one because it’s FREE and searches multiple phrases simultaneously: Ventio – Google Position Tool It tells you what search result # your site is with Google for specific phrases. Saves time by not having to manually check to see if your site’s Google-love is improving. 😉